Melody Jam

Philly Game Jam 2017

Band Name Jam

Micro Mechanic Jam

Words Jam

Work Jam

Resist Jam Philly

Global Game Jawn 2017

Philly's Global Game Jam 2017 submissions

Garden Of Earthly Delights Jam

Make a game inspired by some or all of Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights !

Philly Game Jam 2016

Philly Game Jam is a yearly in person sometimes 24 sometimes 48 hour jam hosted by Philly Dev Night. This year the jam was hosted at WebJunto in Northern Liberties and the theme for each participant was determined by pulling a theme from a...

What If? Jam

Pick a What If question at (there are 150) or ponder one of your own Make a game that explores something ordinary in an extraordinary way Challenge: Base your hypothetical reality in as much plausibility and fact as possibl...

Toy Jam

Toy Jam is a anti-game jam. Participants had to make an enjoyable product with no rules or winning/losing condition. Take a break and enjoy some not-game games!

Down the Rabbit Hole Jam

We lost our home with the Philly Game Forge closing but we must jam on. This jam is about leaving the familiar behind and finding yourself in world that is deeply other. Things do not appear or behave as expected. Your long-held models of h...

Frenemy Jam

The theme of the Dev Night this month is: Frenemy . Playing games together raises the stakes of those games. People are deeply social animals, and winning, losing, competing and cooperating with one another is powerful and compelling elemen...

Tiny Jam

Here are the constraints: Analog Games Materials: Must have a value of less than $5. This means that every object your game uses must have been purchased or be purchasable for less than $5 dollars total. You can already own it, but subtract...

Philly Dev Night Jam Games Retrospective

As many games as we could collect from the pre-itch days of Philly Dev Night. Can you believe we've been jamming EVERY MONTH SINCE 2011?!?!