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In the Exquisite Corpse game jam, each participant got full control of a game project for one day, before handing it off to the next person. Each game was cobbled together, one person at a time, with nobody knowing what they would be working on until they got it. It was an experiment in collaboration and building on the work of others. It was also an exercise in creativity, letting go of intention and surrendering to the communal flow. It was a lot of fun!

Only 3 people ended working on this game. Unfortunately, all three of the final signed up participants couldn't contribute, so the game was left in an incomplete state. However, it took on a lot of depth in a short time. It started out as a pretty simple series of rock-paper-scissors graphs, and ended up with a detailed rules system and a whole set of absurdist game items.

You can download the game as it was after each day here.


Day 1 - Jake O'Brien
Day 2 - Woody Fentress
Day 3 - Jessica Creane

There were also Exquisite Corpse tracks in Unity, Twine, Phaser/HTML5 and PuzzleScript.  Check them out!

The jam was inspired by the Exquisite Corpse parlor game, invented by the surrealists.


xcorpse-day1.pdf 64 kB
xcorpse-day2.pdf 442 kB
xcorpse-day3.pdf 820 kB

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